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Green Tea (Loose Leaf Teas)


Choose from our selection of loose leaf green teas and leave your flavor selection in the comments.

Lexington Summers: Green tea, apple pieces, dragon fruit cubes, lemongrass, blue butterfly pea blossoms, pomelo cubes, flavoring, lemon peel, watermelon flakes. Beautiful purple/blue coloring makes a great iced tea.

Raspberry Green: Organic green tea, raspberry leaves, dried raspberries, rose petals, apples, natural flavors.

Genmai Cha: Japanese green tea, toasted popped rice.

*If ordering more than 3 of each selection please email us for availability and if ordering more than 10 please email us for wholesale pricing or shipping discounts!

*Each 2 oz bag of loose leaf tea is $10.00 and has 20-25 servings per bag.
Leave your flavor selection in the comment section for each bag you purchase.